The Human Dream Project

Part of the Opus 40 Puppet on the Rocks Series.

September 3 & 10, 2021

6:30 PM


A small puppet, the dreamer, floats through a cluster of glowing orbs as we hear a woman describe a dream from her childhood while in foster care. A colorful windmill repeatedly blows down the dreamer-puppet as we hear a man describe a recurring dream about his overbearing mother. A blindfolded female puppet stands on the wing of a biplane on fire, smoking a cigarette – as we hear a woman describe her dream she had about longing for freedom.
The Human Dream Project is a surreal, moving, and funny puppet theater and video project that takes firsthand recordings of humans describing their dreams and illustrates them through colorful, DIY puppetry and animation. Currently a part of the St. Ann’s Warehouse Puppet Lab residency, the project has grown to include video art and animation as the pandemic stretched the residency length.
The unique, often colorful puppets and setpieces in this piece handmade from repurposed materials drawing from the wide range of the human dream imagination and the history of human folk and fine art. From Snake in Boot Theater.