Opus 40 Event: Nature Walk for YouthIdeally, education offers instruction and social development opportunity, with students using discussion and groups to work through material and develop their voices. The presence of a teacher as guide and interlocutor makes material come to life and allows students to formulate questions and develop their ideas with a mentor figure.

Sharing ideas, formulating analysis, asking questions and presenting points of view are all key elements of learning.

Without the social component, education can be flat and young people may feel isolated and miss the peer interaction that is so important to the school experience.

Opus 40 offers a solution — outdoor and socially distanced study pods, where students can do their work in the company of peers, engage in group discussion, work with tutors and ask the questions that arise as they study. All while getting fresh air and exercise and having access to a range of nature walks and workshops.

We are offering a beautiful space in which students can concentrate on their work or take breaks to walk, think, study rock formations or bird habitats, or work with tutors. We will offer a large outdoor work area with comfortable tables and chairs, high-speed Wifi and lots of water, coffee, tea and snacks from 10 AM to 5 PM every Monday, Thursday and Friday at our sculpture park.

Daily schedule includes a one-hour break for lunch, including a nature walk and twice-weekly work with tutors. We also offer a rotating selection of workshops for an extra fee.

Cost is $15/day or $20/day including lunch. Five full scholarships (including usage of a device when on site) available. Open only in reasonable weather.

For more information contact Caroline Crumpacker at or (845) 681-9352.



We are offering outdoor workshops to groups of up to six students, grades 5 to 12, in natural Opus 40 Trail Cleanupsciences and the arts. Studies from groups ranging from Americans for the Arts to the Environmental Sciences Department at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign indicate that involvement in the arts and exposure to nature “promote children’s academic learning and seem to promote children’s development as persons.”

As an important cultural and environmental center, Opus 40 is uniquely able to offer a range of site-specific workshops to help homeschooling and distanced-learning students take their educative experiences off the computer and into nature. We will tailor classes to interested groups.

Our workshops are designed to be flexible enough to work for Middle to High School-aged students, and to focus on specific learning and/or social goals.

Workshop topics include:

  • creative writing
  • photography
  • geology
  • mapmaking
  • drawing
  • storytelling and theater
  • nature walks

nature walk tour at Opus 40

In 2019, Opus 40 provided programs to over 300 students.

Thank you so much for letting us come today. We had such a great time and my students really enjoyed themselves and learned quite a bit. It was such a treat to have this gem of a place all to ourselves. They all want to visit again, and I hope to be able to bring future groups. – Stephen L., BOCES

The visit was great. The weather was perfect. We only wished we had more time. Next time we’ll plan for longer!   — Jennifer S., The Liberi School