Harvey Fite at Opus 40Harvey Fite dies while working on Opus 40. His New York Times obituary (May 11, 1976) reads:

“Harvey Fite, a sculptor, died yesterday after a fall into a quarry he had been converting into a sprawling sculpture garden He was 72 years old. Mr. Fite had been riding a power lawnmower and fell into the quarry from a 12-foot precipice on his property, the police said. Mr. Fite, who retired from Bard College in 1969, after a 40-year teaching career, had had one-man shows in New York, Paris and Rome. He was working on what he called ‘Opus 40,’ the conversion of a six-acre quarry on his land into a sculpture. The work, which he said would take him 4 years, consisted of ramps, stairways, pools, moats and other configurations carved into the bluestone. It was to be completed in 1982. His body was discovered when neighbors whom he was supposed to dine with yesterday went to look for him.”

The obituary can be found here.